This technology behind this website was developed over eight months from January 2020 as a way to have easy access to all of the questions that I develop for my Analysis and Approaches classes. For years I had been creating homework, quizzes, tests, exams and investigations as Microsoft Word documents, but I wanted an easier way to choose specific questions that I had written when creating new tasks.
The questions on this website are written using custom software that combines word processing, equation editing, and graphing capabilities and formats them in a familiar style. The software is written using HTML5, JavaScript, PHP and MYSQL.
Through the use of this software it is possible to add a new question to the database in minutes. Only the code that generates the question, including all equations, graphs and diagrams, is saved to the database. This enables all questions from a search to be downloaded at once meaning it is quick and easy to browse the search results. When a question is selected your browser uses this code to generate the question almost instantly.
New questions are being added every week to help me deliver the course to my students. I hope others also find the content useful.
- Kevin Bertman, Mathematics: Analysis and Approaches Teacher, Osaka International School