Analysis & Approaches SL & HL
An expanding question bank and assessment creator, with an integrated gradebook and report generator, for teachers and students containing over 2900 SL and HL exam-style mathematics problems aligned to the International Baccalaureate's Mathematics: Analysis and Approaches curriculum of the Diploma Programme. Get Started  

Example Assessment Tasks
Create your own custom assessment tasks quickly and easily, automatically formatted like the real thing.
More than 1900* SL and HL paper 1 problems in which a calculator may not be used
SL Paper 1 Sample
More than 1900* SL and HL paper 2 problems in which a calculator may be used
HL Paper 2 Sample
More than 135 HL paper 3 problems
HL Paper 3 Sample
* Some problems appear in both paper 1 and paper 2 searches if a calculator is of no use to the problem
Fast and Intuitive
Watch the tutorial video below to see how you can create your next Analysis and Approaches assessment task in less than three minutes.
Integrated Gradebook and Report Generator
Enter the marks achieved in each question of each task and automatically build up a learning profile for each student showing the frequency that each topic has been assessed, and the level of understanding of each topic.
Artificial Intelligence Report Card Comments
Use artificial intelligence to generate custom report card comments for each student based on their performance in each assessment, focusing on the International Baccalaureate's Approaches to Learning (ATL) skills.
I have been using IBTaskMaker for a while now. I really enjoy the scope of questions available for learners across the spectrum. It has really helped me with ideas for teaching and learning as well as on assessments.
Shraddha M.
DP SL/HL Mathematics Teacher
I wanted to express my sincere gratitude for the invaluable membership provided by your team, which has been a tremendous help throughout my IB studies. The access to the database has played a crucial role in enhancing my learning experience and academic performance.
Marianna M.
DP High School Student
Literally the best IB Math study website. It challenges you past your boundaries and has all the different types of questions and topics needed. Without it I wouldn’t have gotten a 7. Plus its an exam maker that lets you make your own mocks!
Yuv L.
DP High School Student
Highly recommended and very helpful.
Halil P.
DP SL/HL Mathematics Teacher
I have thoroughly liked your MYP criterion A questions.
Anthony M.
MYP Mathematics Teacher
Your questions are great. Thanks for offering this service.
Michael G.
DP SL/HL Mathematics Teacher
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