DP: Analysis & Approaches
An expanding question bank and assessment creator, with an integrated gradebook and report generator, containing over 2300 criterion A levelled problems and over 60 criterion B inquiry problems with task specific rubrics aligned to the International Baccalaureate's Mathematics framework of the Middle Years Programme. Get Started  

More than 700 non-calculator problems
Year 5 Quadratics Sample Test
More than 500 calculator problems
Year 3 Measurement Sample Test
More than 1000 calculator optional problems which can be solved with or without a calculator
Year 1 Patterns Sample Quiz
Integrated Gradebook and Report Generator
Enter the marks achieved in each question of each task and automatically build up a learning profile for each student showing the frequency that each topic has been assessed, and the level of understanding of each topic.
Develop mathematical curiosity with structured criterion B inquiry problems
Year 1 Algorithms Problem
Introduce new mathematical concepts and skills with criterion B inquiry problems
Year 3 Trigonometry Introduction
Develop independent investigative skills with unstructured criterion B inquiry problems
Year 5 Dog Tied to a Tree