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Number and Algebra
The year in which a topic appears is only a suggestion. Please use your professional judgement when choosing a topic to include in a task.
Number and Algebra
MYP 1 - 3
MYP 4 - 5
MYP 4 - 5 (Extended)
Number OperationsFractions, Decimals and Percentages
Rounding and EstimatingBounds When Estimating and Rounding
Recurring DecimalsTime
Factors and MultiplesPrime Numbers
Squares and Square RootsRatio and Proportion
The Number SystemInequalities
Set and Interval Notation
Absolute Value
Properties of Complex NumbersThe Complex Plane
Powers and Roots of Complex NumbersComplex Roots of Real Polynomials
  Exponents and Logarithms
Positive Integer ExponentsLaws of (Integer) Exponents
Scientific Notation
Laws of (Rational) Exponents
Exponential Equations
Laws of Logarithms
Change of Base of Logarithms
Forming EquationsSimplifying Algebraic Expressions
Solving Simple EquationsSolving Simple Inequalities
Using FormulaeRearranging Formulae
Solving Quadratic Equations By Factorising
Simple Deductive Proof
Completing the Square and the Quadratic Formula
Solving Quadratic Inequalities
The Discriminant
Proof by InductionProof by Contradiction
Solving Inequalities Graphically and AnalyticallyDisproof by Counterexample
  Sequences and Series
Number Sequences
Arithmetic Sequences and Series
Geometric Sequences and Series
Infinite Geometric Series
Binomial Theorem Binomial Coefficients
Counting Principles
Thinking With Models
The year in which a topic appears is only a suggestion. Please use your professional judgement when choosing a topic to include in a task.
Thinking With Models
MYP 1 - 3
MYP 4 - 5
MYP 4 - 5 (Extended)
  Linear Functions
Linear Equations
Systems of Equations (2D)
Systems of Equations (3D)
Linear Programming
Quadratic Functions and Their Graphs
Polynomial Functions, Their Equations and GraphsThe Factor and Remainder Theorems
The Sum and Product of the Roots of a Polynomial
  Properties of Functions
Sketching Graphs
Key Features of Graphs
The Intersection of Graphs
Function NotationDomain and Range
TransformationsComposite Functions
Exponential Functions and Their GraphsOptimisation
Rational Functions (Linear) and Their GraphsInverse Functions
Self Inverse FunctionsReciprocal Functions
Odd and Even FunctionsLogarithmic Functions and Their Graphs
Circular Functions and Their Graphs
Spatial Reasoning
The year in which a topic appears is only a suggestion. Please use your professional judgement when choosing a topic to include in a task.
Spatial Reasoning
MYP 1 - 3
MYP 4 - 5
MYP 4 - 5 (Extended)
  Shapes and Measurement
Measuring AnglesClassifying Shapes and Angles
Angle PropertiesArea, Perimeter and Circumference
Pythagorean TheoremVolume and Surface Area of Prisms
Symmetry and ReflectionMetric Conversions
Speed, Distance and TimeScale
Similarity and CongruencePlane Transformations
Circle Geometry and TheoremsVolume and Surface Area (Pyramids, Cones, Spheres, Compound)
Rotation Around a PointEnlargement about a Point
  Points and Lines
CoordinatesEquations of Lines
Distance and Midpoint Between Two PointsParallel and Perpendicular Lines
Voronoi DiagramsGraphing Inequalities
Distance From a Point to a Line
Vectors: Adding, Subtracting, Scalar Multiplication
Magnitude of Vectors
The Scalar and Vector Products
The Angle Between Two Vectors
The Vector Equation of a Line
The Relationship Between Two Lines in 3D
Right-Angled Triangle Trigonometry
BearingsExact Values of Trigonometric Ratios
The Unit CircleThree Dimensional Coordinate Geometry
The Sine and Cosine RulesThe Area of a Triangle
Circles: Radians, Arcs, SectorsCircular Functions
The Ambiguous Case of the Sine Rule
Equation of a Circle
Pythagorean and Double Angle Identities
Compound Angle Identities
Trigonometric Equations
Quadratic Trigonometric Equations
Reasoning with Data
The year in which a topic appears is only a suggestion. Please use your professional judgement when choosing a topic to include in a task.
Reasoning with Data
MYP 1 - 3
MYP 4 - 5
MYP 4 - 5 (Extended)
  Representing Data
Pie Charts
Bar Charts
Line Graphs
Stem-and-Leaf Plots
Scatter Diagrams and Lines of Best Fit
Cumulative Frequency GraphsBox-and-Whisker Diagrams
  Analysing Data
Reliability and Bias
Mean, Mode and Median for Discrete Data
Sampling TechniquesData Manipulation and Misinterpretation
Mean, Mode and Median for Continuous DataQuartiles, Percentiles and the IQR
Standard Deviation and Variance
The Effect of Constant Change of DataLinear Regression
The Correlation Coefficient
Simple Probability
Sample Space
Theoretical and Experimental Probability
Relative Frequency
SetsVenn, Tree, Sample Space Diagrams
Mutual ExclusivitiyDependent and Independent Events
Combined EventsComplementary Events
Addition RuleConditional Probability
Discrete Probability DistributionsExpectation
Binomial DistributionMean and Variance of Discrete Probability Distributions
The Normal DistributionInverse Normal Calculations
Standardized Normal DistributionInverse Normal (Unknown Mean and Standard Deviation)
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